Finnish Lottery Banned From Broadcasting

It seems that Finland has recently implemented a very strict restriction on the lottery live by the TV channel YLE. A surprise that made a lot of noise and made the press talk. It seems that the lottery draw will no longer be broadcast soon by this television channel. The demand is clear. It comes from the State Communications Supervision Agency.

The simple reason for this restriction? The channel was deemed illegal because the show is funded by third parties. “This is clearly a sponsored activity, which is prohibited by law,” said one of the spokespersons for the agency Petri Makkonen in a statement. 42 years of television and the television lottery! And all of a sudden, everything stops in an instant. It has become something very habitual and trivial for many Finnish citizens to watch the lottery on television. But now, Finnish Communication Regulatory Authority has just forced the channel to stop everything. Vaikkays which is the manager of the lottery, pays every year the sum of 3 million euros per year to the production.

Since the news that raged on the TV sets. The channel’s journalists offer sarcastic parodies and jokes of all kinds on each round of live broadcasts: “So, we’ve been broadcasting for more than 40 years, in front of the whole country and in the presence of 2 police officers, present in every draw in the studios, an illegal show. Fortunately, this is not just the Loto draw. “ .

The production has been granted an expiry date until September to cease its activities pending the TV channel’s time to organize itself in order to link the responsibility to another private Finnish channel.

The lottery, the draw of which takes place every Saturday, therefore stops. Choose 7 numbers out of 39. You have five prize ranks and you must find 7 numbers. A winner finding the 1st place has a one in 15,300,000 chance of finding the 7 correct numbers. A lottery very different from France but very popular in Finland.